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Thread for NCAA tickets for sale

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I know it's a little early, as tickets haven't even gone out yet, but my brother and his son are looking for two (2) all session tickets for St. Louis.  


They don't have any particular school affiliation, so any section is just fine.  Obviously lower bowl is preferred, but I'm sure any decent seats are welcome.  We've done this in the past and purchased tickets from fans from Cornell, Missouri, and Nebraska before and paid face value, so I'm hopefu that there will be someone out there whose plans change and want to part with their tickets for a reasonable price.  Ticket vendors are a last resort.


I'll keep bumping it up daily, so when more people want to buy or sell, hopefully it will stay on one thread.

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I not sure I understand what you, lonewolf, mean.  There are six sessions and no parts of each session.

He plans to watch the first period, plus 30 seconds, in each match. I don't know what happens if any go into OT. Lonewolf? 

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