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Flowrestling did it again. Pulled a bait and switch.

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The CTO or VP Engineering at Flosports needs to be fired right away, followed by the head of customer service. They are turning a very promising company I used to love into a turd.

I work in software. I cannot believe how bad their service is. Do they not have any network testing equipment? Call up Spirent. Call up Ixia. Get it fixed.


Yes it is expensive, but they are destroying their business

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Posting here for our head of Customer Service:




My name Is Cyon and I work in customer support at FloSports. I’d like to assure everyone that that their tickets will be processed. We had a lot of requests come in and it is taking longer than usual to process all of them.


To clarify the credit and refund policy, if you request a refund, we will grant a refund for the month.


If you choose the option of 2 free months credit instead of a refund, then 2 months is added to your current plan. You do not have to renew your account to get the 2 months credit. If you chose not to continue after the credit term ends, you will need to cancel your account under your account settings tab to prevent your account from auto renewing.


If you haven't gotten a response, please email me at cyon.williams@flosports.tv

Cyon (and the "gang") are too worried about eating tobacco slim jims than keeping up with customer support.....



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I canceled my subscription.  With the advent of the ACC network, I don't get much VT content from FLO anymore anyway.  I may sign up again next year for Vegas and the Scuffle, but other than that, I don't really need them.  Although I never requested a refund because of the latest fiasco, I let them know that I didn't want to support a company with the types of business practices that I'm reading about here.


This is where I'm headed. As another ACC guy, ESPN is covering the duals I'm focused on and provides a quality product. I may get BTN+ in the future to watch those matches as well. 

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