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STL Nightlife

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I don't have an extensive list of places to go in St. Louis, but found a few spots that I might consider hitting up for a nightcap. Feel free to add to the list.


JJ's Clubhouse - kind of bummed the Mr. Missouri Leather contest was held in February, but it appears the Show Me Bears' Springthaw Club Night is scheduled for Saturday the 18th. Could be an interesting place to celebrate the end of the tournament.


Just John Nightclub - looks like they will have St. Patrick's Day Festivities there.


Bridge Taphouse and Wine Bar - they have a decent listing for their beers on tap. Looks more appealing than what's available at the Budweiser Brewery Beer Garden (If you have never been to the Budweiser Brewery they do offer tours... not sure of the price. Its an ok experience though).


Here's a Yelp listing of bars in the downtown area which could be useful.

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Ballpark Village would be a wise place to visit if you have reservations about safety. Right across from Busch Stadium and there are several bars inside. It'll be safe and its a short walk or cheap Uber ride down there. 


Soulard is close and they have lots of great bars and restaurants. I'm sure that Llewelyn's will be running a shuttle to Scottrade. 


The Wheelhouse is someplace that I'd suggest for some of our younger posters (or our older posters if you are looking to ogle some young talent.)

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