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Confidence Level

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Who do you has the most confidence this coming weekend:


1. Gilman (Suriano limited)

2. Martinez

3. Nolf

4. Dean

5. Snyder (think Medberry has confidence)

6. Cox


8. Heil




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1.  Snyder

2.  Nolf

3.  Cox

4.  I-Mart

5.  Dean

6.  Retherford

7.  Gilman

8.  Valencia

9.  Tomasello

10.  Heil



I 100% agree with this post.  Medbery's "confidence" was sourced by an "overly aggressive" Snyder, extremely late in the 3rd period.  Please do keep in mind that Snyder and Tervel are probably having "epic go's" right now to replicate Medbery... over and over and over again... Tom Ryan knows he needs bonus at every turn to stay competitive, and my gut is telling me that Snyder 'thinks' he can bonus against Medbery.  Once Snyder "thinks" he can do something, history dictates that he goes out and does it (a la WC, NCAA Championship against Gwiz, and Gwiz > Medbery, OLY Champ, etc...). 


The only potential massage to the order may be Cox, and dropping him just below Retherford, for the simple case of Moore's potential "arrival".  Everyone else (Valencia, NaTo, and Heil) has their hands FULL.

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If Snyder meets Medbury again I think Kyle will work hard to make a Statement. He'll push to dominate and it may not be pretty for Medbury.


Cox could push a lot harder as well. Content for simple victories he might be pushed to really turn it on - something we haven't really seen this year. Hope he does it as some dominating victories would be good to see. Cox pushing and hitting on all cylinders would make for an interesting match.

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