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Can returning Olympians sit out Vegas?

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ex: Can Jordan sit out Vegas and still be the #1 seed in Lincoln.


also can Helen sit out of challenge tournament at a different weight? (I can't see her going 53kg again unless it is for Tokyo, weights


will probably be different by then anyways)

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Only returning world/Olympic medalists. The Boy King and Cox sit. JB does not.


The question on Helen is a good one. I wonder how they'll handle that. I can't imagine they can let her sit, because what if, say, Cox decides to wrestle Snyder's weight? Should he be allowed to sit too? Of course not.


And what will happen for the new weight classes in 2018? I would think everyone would get a reset and nobody would sit, but the process never made a lot of sense to me anyway, so who knows. Maybe the world medalists get to pick a new weight and then sit. That would not be fair, but it's not like the process is fair now to begin with.

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No sittiing out for Helen if at a different weight.


Here are the rules from USAW website





Automatic Berth to the Final Wrestle-Off: athletes who medaled in the 2016 Olympic Games or

2016 Senior World Championships at the weight being contested will receive an automatic berth

to the Final Wrestle-Off. In weights without a 2016 Olympic Games medalist or 2016 Senior

World Championship medalist, the 2017 U.S. Freestyle Open champion will receive automatic

berth to the Final Wrestle-Off at that respective weight. If no athlete in the 2017 World Team

Trials meets either of the criteria above, then the finals of the Trials Tournament will decide the

2017 World Team member in a best-of-three series.

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