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Zero freshman wins at NCAA

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You go in unseeded after a nice finish at MACs you draw Kroells lose 6 to 0 going into third down 1 give up some points choosing bottom .Not sure if anyone Noticed Kroells is good on top ask Dejournette whom he teched and Snyder who could not escape him and.even gave up a stall point .Not much you can say about losing 6 0 to a now 3 x AA .Then lose to Crawford a top 20 guy by 1 hes also good on top ask Butler whom he beat worse than Austin .TO NOT GIVE UP ANY TD TO THOSE GUYS AND ONLY LOSE BY 7 combined ? Im good with that if your not oh well .Guys in the class who graduated in 2011 and rs srs along with a huge range of styles and skills .Hard for a fresh under 6 foot to do well even harder for one under 5 11.Smith did well by Austin he was much improved at MACs beating guys who maj him earlier in.the yr and going double ot with someone who didnt take a shot the whole match and.never got.called for stalling who beat him 4 zip earlier .Im happy as heck with that a lot of learning curve particularly for 4 x 220 in HS wrestling the best Heavies in college on Mizzous schedule.

Austin Myers no e

As you can imagine, all of us in Kentucky are very disappointed that the best high school wrestler out of Kentucky and the greatest 220 of all time did not score a point at the NCAA's. I was especially disappointed knowing that he is as old as my kids were as redshirt juniors. We expect better things out of him next year If you would like to know what MACtruck really thinks about the Olympic champ, below is a quote of his from the Kentucky site.


"SNYDER WAS NOT.HURT LOL he grabbed his.rib because he was gassed and Kroells was working him on top .Did he grab it later after he launched Medberry ??? Nope .Did OSU ever say he had a broken rib ???NOPE."


"Lol hes hardly injured no one made fun of him and.as he was strolling the streets of st louis afterwards he looked in fine health."


He also doesn't think much of their new heavyweight recruit.


"Lol being a 4x NHSCA finalist double AA and 2x Freestyle AA at 220 and.heavy going undefeated all 3 yrs at nat duals DOUBLE OW WINNER AT CEN REG and wrestling a bunch of non.ranked ohio wrestlers is the same right ?Of course if eds would have been so.happy with their prosepects they wouldnt have tried so.hard to get Austin even after he came to KY .When your an ohio jr high ow winner youth tulsa champ NHSCA wrestler of the year and.flo champ in.the same.week  4x undefeated state champ .


Do.you really sweat a 1 x champ who got pinned 3 x in one week last yr from a state that you dominated since you were 6 .Im.sure he will have fun at 197."


"It will take.campbell about 2.5 seconds to decide he is a great 197 lber thats about how long it takes to view Austin and.that trash talk he throws around on social media will only earn him the ass beating of his life if he goes that route with Austin lol ."


This guy has been a cancer everywhere that he has went.

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Hahahahahha you need serious mental Help for stalking as well as spamming issues .Sorry to dissapoint you but hey it could be worse rather than lose two close decisions the best High School wrestler out of Kentucky could have gotten teched and or pinned .Knowhatimean

And your kids must be pretty smart considering that they were the same.age as Austin when they were rs jrs ,must have been 16 yr old srs in High School like I was lol

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