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Gregor Gillespie Returns to the Octagon

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You guys have been awesome supporters of our podcast project.  Thank you so much!

Yesterday, we had the chance to talk with former NCAA champ Gregor Gillespie ahead of his return to the Octagon, and are happy to share it here.  In addition to breaking down his fight prep, Gregor also talks about Penn State's dominance, and explains his unhealthy addiction to freshwater fishing.

I'm not thrilled with the audio quality, but Gregor's the best, so it was worth the trade off.  We're happy, as always, to share with y'all:





iTunes: apple.co/2bnO1ro

Google Play: bit.ly/DiploSportGooglePlay



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Overall, a nice night for wrestlers with wins by Green, Gillespie and Cormier; with Weidman looking OK despite the stoppage.


One area in which they are not looking so great is that of fighters' purses.  Lizard feed in my opinion:



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