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It's been widely speculated that Kerry McCoy might be out of a job after this past season concluded, or at least a lot of Maryland fans have voiced their opinions that he should be out of a job based on past few years performances. Big Ten forum on wrestlingreport has an excellent and long thread on Maryland wrestling, and latest from there is that McCoy was offered a one year extension.

I agree with posters there that

1) while Kerry seems like a nice guy and has a nice resume, he hasn't gotten it done at Maryland (at least in comparison to Santoro, and now that they are in B1G, the butt kickings have been frequent and severe)

2) a one year extension isn't fair to him or the program. If you really think he's the guy, give him a longer deal AND more $/support for assistant coaches, club development, etc. One year leaves him in limbo, hurts (kills?) recruiting, etc.



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Putting his own wrestling accomplishments aside, (3x All American, 2x NCAA Champion, 2x Olympian, World Silver Medalist to an exposed doper) here are his head coaching accomplishments:


2014-Coached Sheptock to NCAA finals, 1st Terp finalist in 45 years.

2008-Last season at Stanford, 19th in country, 2nd best finish in Stanford history at the time.

2009, 2011, 2012-ACC Champiions

3 time ACC Coach of the Year

4 top 20 NCAA finishes at Maryland.

2012 University of Maryland Male Coach of the Year

Multiple Academic Big 10 selections.


It has been a rough start as they entered into the toughest wrestling conference in the country. He did not suddenly forget how to coach. This is Maryland Wrestling we are talking about. Be patient, the Terps are young and will be just fine.


Perspective people, perspective.

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Great Dane:  Love to buy your sales pitch but I can't.  McCoy is getting mauled in recruiting and ends up with too many guys just not cut out for the BT.  He'd be fine in the MAC.  Example:  Jamar Williams just committed to Ohio State over MD and his chances of cracking the Bucks lineup are slim.  He's not a big time prospect, he'd have been better off at Maryland but the Bucks talked him into coming just to add depth.  If you can't convince a kid like that to come to your program, you're not very good at this aspect of your job.  

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