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What records can be set next season?

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No 4 timers, but maybe the 2nd title for two sophomores (Hall, Joseph)


PSU could have 6 champs (certsinly not picking this, but they will have 6 top 3 guys to start next season)


Ohio State could outscore their highest score ever (all points returning, plus Hayes, Campbell, Nato, both Jordan's and Moore could add more points)


Michigan could end on the podium, with 6-7 AA candidates and 4 potential finalists


Snyder can end his college career with 4 finalist appearances, 3 championships and 3 world golds. Plus no red shirt.


Lehigh is positioned well to win EIWAs for the first time in 12 years. Won't be easy, but this is their best chance.


SDSU could have their first champ and 2-3 AAs


ASU could be top 10, or even top 5 if things play out perfectly


PSU can set the all time scoring record


Iowa having a rebuilding year may allow for a new team to sneak on the podium


NC state has two high placing AAs plus a bunch of truly impressive freshman. They could have their highest finish ever, with maybe 4 AAs.


What else?


...not all of these are all time records, but all are huge improvements for each team

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Pico is first imaginary champion in four different weights the same season.


A single individual posts "lmao" more than all other posters combined.


Kyle Snyder achieves destroyer of galaxies status but misses more matches when he is arrested for for being a man who only wrestles boys.


"Carl" displaces "imaginary David Taylor wins as most trite joke of all-time.


ND wrestling is brought back when TD Jesus becomes miraculously clothed in a wrestling singlet during another ND Football loss.


16000 NCAA fans fall asleep as Dean Heil wins another national championship. ESPN praised for repeatedly broadcasting the Pepsi protest commercial as filler instead of the match.


Flo Wresting streaming fails during national Duals championship but escape criticism because they had the foresight to hire 300 courtroom artists to broadcast time lapse updates of the matches.


Nolf is exposed as a cyborg and returned to the borg.


A ref throws Brands after determining the winner of a match on stalling calls at Carver.


Cornell's entire team transfers to PSU because they are tired of academic demands and just want to have fun.


The Brands brothers remain seated and smiling for an entire dual.


Should be a fun year for sure.













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