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Missed weight and no-shows post here...

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Bracket thoughts:


57 - Here Nahshon, please take this free path to the finals!  Pretty awful that Ramos, Mega, Delgado, Perrelli, and Tomasello are all on the same side.  Will whoever survives that gauntlet have enough left to win the finals?  If Garrett doesn't get there, it would be a huge disappointment.  Blanc, Sanders, and Waters are all guys he should beat.


61 - Some really good opening matches.... Gross/Mack in round 1 is interesting and Hochstrasser/Colon (that's Joe, right?) and Brewer/Conaway in round 2 look good.  Here I think the bottom half is a bit harder.  Where is BJ Futrell?


65 - Seems very likely we get semis of Molinaro/Kennedy and Zain/Oliver, but of which would be terrific.


70 - Like this draw for Kulchytskyy... think he makes the final vs. Green/Nolf


74 - Marsteller/Dieringer is pretty intense for round 1.  Assuming we get the final everyone anticipates, I think we'll have a good idea going into it based on how Jordan looks vs. Vallimont and Perry.  If those guys are really giving JB a run, then Dake will win.


86 - Downey/Avery in round 1 will be good. Nickal/McCall in R16 will be really fun,  Would be surprised if Taylor doesn't win this pretty easily.


97 - The least interesting weight to me, though curious how Walz fares.  Where is Kilgore?  Gadson probably takes this, right?


125 - Gwiz/Telford in the quarters will be good.  Other than that, seems clear that Rey, Dom, and Nelson will get to the semis... can anyone step up and stop them?  Grant?  Also, anyone know why Medbery isn't here? 

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Guest Kingsland

Futrell already qualified for World Team Trials and decided not to wrestle since Stieber already earned the bye to the finals.

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That's Jacob colon in the first round. joe colon has teammate joey lazor in the first round. If hochstrasser can get passed ness and make it to the semi finals we may then see joe colon.


Got it, thanks.




he is going to the Pan-Ams next weekend, and making weight two weeks in a row would be AWFUL when you're as big as himv


If Graff wins and beats Bonne, they should give him the bye instead of whoever wins this weekend! :)

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