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Wrestling Interview Bull___t Bingo

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Wrestling interviews have become worse than hockey interviews.  Some of my least favorite things to hear:


-get to my offense


-score points


-have fun


-push the pace


-focusing on March


-wrestle for seven minutes


-one match at a time





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"Hey Herbert, you need a wheelbarrow!"

"Uhh why?"

"To carry around those huge balls you have!"


-Terry Brands


Not an interview but the best quote I've ever heard.


Totally forgot about this. I laughed for a solid 20min when I heard Herbert talk about it on Akren's podcast.


As for the over all topic - Whenever a wrestler is willing, I really like watching interviews with them after a loss. Always interesting to hear what they have to say.  

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Here's a guy that once you get over the f bomb you realize this is a boring interview complete with the usual cliches. 



And not to be outdone, here is one of his competitors handing out the King of All Cliches. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going"!! Geebus, never heard that one before!!

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