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Pick your Team for WTTs

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Of all the predictions I have looked at on all the boards Snyder is the only 100% pick. All the other weights had some people pick underdogs. Gadsen has no shot at all?

rcoats1 and rickybobby both picked the field over Snyder.  Steiber is actually the most popular picks (picked by everyone except 1 entry so far).


Given Steiber just lost to the Cuban and it is possible to score on him, he would be the one to pick against if you had to bet against one or the other, I think.

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This guy Field must be tougher than a $2 steak to enter every weight. Kind of like Gable being able to beat the Heavyweights about half the time when he was wrestling?   ;-)


or maybe they are brothers/Octuplets or cousins?

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Graff           20

Steiber          6

Molinaro      30

Green           6

bouroughs    9

cox              13

Snyder         5

Gwiz             8


97 points


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Pick 1 guy at each weight.  If he wins his weight in Lincoln, you get the points listed below.  If not, you get 0 for that wrestler.  The entry with the most total points wins. So it might be a good strategy to pick some long-shots, because if even 1 of them hits, you will earn a lot of points.



Ramos 9
Graff 20
Garrett 60
Tomasello 60
Field 80
Steiber 6
Maple 60
Field 70
Oliver 9
Molinaro 30
Retherford 30
Field 60
Green 6
Field 50
Burroughs 9
Dake 13
Field 100
Cox 13
Taylor 9
Field 100
Synder 5
Field 100
Gwiazdowski 8
Rey 30
Bradley 50
Field 60



57: Ramos until proven otherwise with the youngsters

61: Steiber

65: Oliver because although I think Retherford has a good chance to win him in the Finals, he has to get there.  To me, the odds favor Oliver.

70: Green for now.

74: Burroughs until Dake proves he can ghet over the hump

86: Cox because I think his strength, size, and athleticism will give Taylor problems

97: Snyder

125: Gwiz

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Fun thread.



Graff - 20



Stieber - 6



Ghulk - 30



Kennedy - 50 (illinois homer pick.  Come on Jimmy!)



Dake - 13



Taylor - 9



Snyder - 5



gwiz - 8



141 pts.


Might make a road trip to lincoln to see the finals.  

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Well if JK does go 70, I think he immediately changes the landscape. Of course you have Kulchyskyy and Pami, ( both of which looked pretty darn good in Vegas), and the ever dangerous and improving Nolf. Along with Chamberlain and Ness, but Jimmy has been around the block a few times and is a former World Team member and I think has the experience and savvy to do well at 70. He's also got the physique, I'm not sure if he can horse these bigger guys around though. But if he does go 70, I think it gives added depth and experience to this weight.

Now, even though I spent the last few lines writing about JK, I'm thinking that if Nolf has his weight under control and his energy is up, I think he might be the surprise here, he's obviously crazy good and thinks outside of the box, which can't really be anticipated for. This should be a lot of fun to watch.

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