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Molinaro: is he a leprechaun?

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I got to say. I really like Molinaro and think he is a gamer. But DAM! He is either a leprechaun with or has a horseshoe that he keeps tucked in wrestling bag. Hell, maybe a rabbits foot! I don't know but this dude catches break after break. Even how the weight got qualified for the Olympics. I want to take him to Vegas with me.


In all seriousness, that is great for him, bit suck for Oliver. I have to believe it wasn't intentional. There has to be a way for the UWW to list supliments that will cause a positive test.

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I concur with tbert, I can state for a fact that Frank Molinaro is not a leprechaun.  I know my standing on this board is above reproach, but in case any noobz need my qualifications:


1) I took a Biology class in Junior College and passed

2) I have seen Leprechaun in the Hood multiple times


That should settle it, good day all...

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