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2016 NFL Wrestling All Stars vs. 2016 U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team

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Another matchup of 2 teams with 5 champs.  Since these are hot right now.  At first blush you might think this dual is a one-sided affair.  I beg to differ.  


For the purpose of this analysis we assume that there is no minimum weight for any weight class.  


125 - Simon Biles vs. N/A;  Simone takes this one and leads the dual off for the ladies; 6-0 USWGT

133 - Gabby Douglas vs. N/A; another strong bout for the ladies; 12-0 USWGT

141 - Laurie Hernandez vs. N/A; the wins keep rolling; 18-0 USWGT

149 - Madison Kocian vs. N/A; mark up the W, they can't be stopped; 24 - 0 USWGT

157 - Aly Raisman vs. N/A; they just don't lose; 30 - 0 USWGT

165 - N/A vs. Kalif Raymond (Broncos); Kalif takes this one; 30-6 USWGT

174 - N/A vs. Will Likely (Patriots); could he beat an actual opponent? not likely; 30-12 USWGT

184 - N/A vs. DJ Killings (Patriots); he's listed at 185 but I'm slotting him here because I like the name; 30-18 USWGT

197 - N/A vs. Richard Sherman (Seahawks); prone to outbursts, but he's rangy; 30-24 USWGT

285 - N/A vs. Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers); Big Ben with the Big Win, brings the dual to a dead heat; 30-30 USWGT


Couple of items to consider--I stuck to the 5 champs vs. 5 champs formula.  This one looks like a guaranteed stalemate.  IF we start letting in non-super bowl winners, can Chiefs kicker Cairo Cantos (listed at 160 pounds) such down to 157 for the team?  And if he can get down there, can he even beat Raisman?  I'm not convinced.  


Your thoughts?

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