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Calvary Chapel

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I don't know any of the coaches or the club - is the club (not HS - they appear to be pretty successful) successful?



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not familiar either. from their FB page (the club) it looks they at least have some serious talent coming into the room as far as coaches go. 

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So digging into the records... Calvary Chapel as a team is second only to Clovis for total team titles in California. Clovis has 13 and Calvary Chapel has 7. They are also 3rd for all time top 5 finishes in the state as a team.


Not too bad since the school only opened in 1989.


Their program has produced several multiple time state champions, most notably Morgan McIntosh who was a 3 time champion (also placed 5th as a freshman).


They were coached by John Azevedo, 2X high school state championship, NCAA championship, and 1980 Olympic team member (we boycotted the Moscow games that year). He headed the program from the time the school opened and for the following 12 years until leaving to take a job as assistant coach at Cal Poly in 2001. All of the team's state titles were won while he was the head coach.


More recently they finished 5th in 2016, 6th in 2011, 7th in 2010, 5th in 2009, 4th in 2004, 3rd in 2003, and 5th in 2002.


A quality program indeed!


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