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Open Letter on Non-Olympic Styles Continued

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I had a number of other examples and points discussed in detail, but the addition was erased from the system when I tried to add it to the previous post. Due to lack of time, I provide a few more examples or points in short form.


Thanks again to USA Wrestling staff, referees, and volunteers who do a huge amount of work  to make the Olympic and non-Olympic styles function for USA Wrestling (USAW).


My thanks also to forum members Jolugogar and WrestlingSuperior who provided UWW websites for grappling entries and results when no timely results (or any results?) were available for the 2015 UWW World Grappling.



Hwt final OT confusion over rules for tie break. Went 30 second overtime.

Appeared loser eventually convinced referee decision was wrong but winner had to agree to re-wrestle - which he didn't (who would if you were already declared the winner?)

Rules interpretations, especially possible problem areas, need to discussed and agreed on by officials and referees.



UWW listed this event but assumed a non-event since USAW gave no info for months.

Oct 11 themat.com explains event on Oct 23 in California and anyone interested can apply for open spot, with up to two competitors per nation per weight class.

Ranked world trials competitors were given less than 2 weeks to make arrangements to be selected and compete.

I was 2nd at 92kg the last 2 years, but who can make arrangements or afford to travel to the West Coast on less than 2 weeks notice unless you live near there?

I asked a member of the non-Olympic or Associated Styles Committee (which still is not listed on the USAW website where the other committees are found): Who made the decision on the USA participants who were not #1?

The answer was USA Wrestling. As is usual, you can't get a specific answer of a person or persons who were responsible.



1. Ranked wrestlers by trials results should be notified of possible international competitions and their status to fill a weight class for the competition far in advance of the competition.

2. A well known coach suggested to me that a director for the non-Olympic/Associated Styles be appointed by USAW, someone who has time to do the job and is not a USAW staff member who would not have the time due to many other duties.

3. 2-3 Current competitors (not from the same club) should be on the non-Olympic/Associated Styles committee. 

4. The non-Olympic/Associated Styles committee members should be listed on themat.com committee page along with the other sport styles FS, GR, LF, Folkstyle. A separate page with contact info for Associated Styles Committee members or a select few should be in an easily findable/searchable place on the mat.com.

5. Ranked competitors in each style should be listed on themat.com with upcoming international tournaments in an article far in advance of all tournaments.



Shaun W Scott



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To WrestlingSuperior,


I do not understand your question, but certainly want to as you are a very knowledgable person in these areas, can you clarify:


What do you mean by a "permanent discussion"?


    a. Do you mean by "permanent"

        i.  An ongoing discussion over a long period of time on these forums?

        ii. A serious discussion?

        iii. A separate website, with forums, set up just for these types of sports? If so, who is going to set it up?

        iv.Do you mean something else?


The problem (at least for me) in understanding your question is the normal definition of "permanent" in English. 


Shaun W Scott

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