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McKenna Transfer

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Okay--Mckenna is a good get for tosu--but a champ at 141? he has not made much noise in March for 2 years. Do really think that Tom can improve him that much?? How much has Nato improved? 1, 3, 3 if I recall correctly. how much has Bo improved.? 3,3, 2 I think??  Martin  1, 5 do get me wrong all of these guys are above average talents...But to say that Mckenna will go from DNP to NC in a year,  I do believe that is a little wishful thinking. Tom seems to be  good recruiter but I do not see major improvements on the tOSU line-up.


I'm going to go against my better judgment and give you a serious response, and try not to insult you.  


McKenna - Nobody reasonable expects McKenna to step into the lineup and win a national title.  In any case, most expect him to move to 149, with Hayes filling 141 and Micah 157.  To say he has "not made much noise in March for 2 years" is just incorrect.  He placed 3rd as a freshman, and quite obviously flamed out this year, falling far short of expectations.  He had a weird tournament, but it's not like he lost to scrubs.  Among the OSU lineup next season, he probably has the greatest variance in potential outcomes.  That said, over the past two seasons he's lost 6 matches, total.  


Tomasello - Tomasello has had a pretty spectacular career.  His freshman year he wasn't expected to win NCAAs.  He got a great draw, and was on fire at the end of the season.  After all, he wrestled Zeke Moisey in the finals.  His freshman year he lost 4 matches.  Since then, he's lost two matches.  One to Gilman, and one to Clark.  You can look at placement and say "where's the improvement," but IMO that's a pretty terrible way to judge ability.  


Jordan - 3 3 2 despite having 2 kids and persistent injury issues?  I mean, the guy couldn't even put a full week of practice together last year, and you say "no improvement" because he loses 1 controversial match to Mark Hall?


Martin - On the way to his title as a freshman Martin wrestled:  unseeded Nick Wanzek, #6 seed Bryce Hammond, unseeded Matt Reed, unseeded Lelund Weatherspoon, and finally knocked off #1 seed Bo Nickal after going 0-3 against him during the season.  I mean, come on, Lelund freaking Weatherspoon, in the semis?  We all know his history with Nickal at this point.  Things broke his way in 2016 in a major way.  IMO he was much improved in 2017, but had a tough time adjusting to 184 in what was a deeper weight class than 174 the prior year.  



How do you explain Kollin Moore's succes?  How about Jaggers?  Pucillo? Heflin?  Do they count as "improved" because their placements are in ascending order? I suppose Stieber and Snyder don't need coaches, because they would have done it on their own anyway?  I guess you win since you goaded me into a response.  Oh well. 

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