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Pat Downey To Iowa Official

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Oh, but you little tiny worm of a closet freak wouldn't dare to say that to my face, and certainly not to his.  Go get your KY jelly and remote control and keep wanting to be PD3, you f'n closet queer.

I don't associate with bigots and homophobic trash. Bet's off, I hope your son gets the help he needs to be a success. UFC is probably his best bet, but I doubt he has the  discipline to do anything long term.


As far as Dr. Downey, it can be done with  a low undergrad GPA and over 1000 on the GRE but once again I don't see him having the discipline to turn his life around to the point that he can focus and devote himself to something for 4-5 years straight without a major incident.


Thoughts and prayers!


P.S. why is it ok for your son to troll Cormier, but when I start interacting with him, I get blocked?

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Once in a while we see someone make reference to an animated, over-the-top poster from the past that is now viewed favorably from an entertainment standpoint. It seems that most of those guys were connected to one particular wrestler and once their career was over, they tend to disappear. Some day people will say remember when that PDII guy posted on the forum, well that time is now so we should all enjoy the experience.

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