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What would Folk be like at the World level? (hypothetical)

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I think we would be the world power in folkstyle.  We do freestyle part time, and are top 5 in the world.  I imagine it would be a dog fight with about 20 Iowa, Penn St. Okie State, Ohio State caliber teams added at once.   Would make a hell of a qualifier and tournament.  Would sell out world record crowds every time a qualifier or championship was on US Soil.


It would take an act of God to win that world championship.  I predict our top 5 would all be top 20 in the world. A team with two world champs might beat a team that would currently have 10 AA's, but once none of them would place, at the new level....those two champs would put you near the top.  A fascinating tournament.

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interesting hypothetical, as it looks at the often asked "what would happen if the USA switched to Freestyle" from the opposite angle. 


I think you'd get nearly identical ultimate results. the USA would get, on average, better results than they do now, but otherwise all the parts of the world that produce good wrestlers would still produce good wrestlers, regardless of the style. 

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Without quick calls for stalling it would not work well.

Top man has to be pushed to go for a pin or let the opponent up and play the takedown game.

Riding time is fine but would need to be while pushing for the pin.

No cheap points for just rolling a guy over or tilting him. Actually have to demonstrate control - something a lot of the Freestyle types don't have any experience with. They would learn but may take time.

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