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Stieber. S-T-I-E-B-E-R

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I wish him the best but his mix and match folk\free style isn't as effective against tougher competition and that he has been scouted.

I think he'll be a great college coach, but have to agree. Not discounting his title at all, but nothing points to future success. Especially up in weight.

Lots of accolades to his name, onto next chapter.


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8 years ago you didn't give 2 craps about Cael. Now you are permanently attached to his sack.

8 years ago no one cared about Daton Fix, Mark Hall, or Spencer Lee. 8 years ago, pretty much every college wrestler today was an unknown. then... they go to their college of choice, and are all stars in the eyes of the supporting base. things change... move on

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