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MFS Day 2

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Russia 70 finished in 7th place. He tied with IRI for the most classification points of anyone not in the medal matches. He broke the tie via more points scored in his matches. Thus 7th place and 4 team points. Retherford ended up in about a 5 way tie of classification points but scored less match points so instead of 9th and 2 team points he finished 11th with none. You can find the placement of everyone on UWW website (world championships --> results --> 'weight class' --> 'ranking')

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Did they? Track says 0.

If that's the case, we could be in a bit of trouble. We need Russia to lose at 65, And win either of the finals vs Russia.

Or Russia gets the bronze at 65 and we win both vs Russia.

If they get Bronze at 65 (53-52 Russia) Green wins and we win one of the head to heads, the score will be tied at 54. USA will have 2 golds to Russia's 1. Isn't that the tie breaker?

Tracks pt. Totals are not based on uww scoring system. Russia finished seventh at 70 kilos and got 4 Points

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Wasnt Bekzod an AA many years back?  I seem to remember him wrestling Hendricks



**As I was typing this the commentators mentioned that he wrestled at Clarion**


Wrong Abdurrakhmanov. That was his brother Muzzafar at American. However, he was an AA for Clarion a few years ago.

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