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MFS Day 2

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This might be a gross overestimation, but I am not so nervous about Snydulaev, haha. I think Kyle handles him like 9-4 or something.

I'm more in the camp of the age old riddle "what happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?" I just can't figure this one.


Sadulaev is never scored on outside of at the Russian nationals.

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Guess biggest credit goes to Gilman/Snyder if we get the job done. Gilman delivered on his draw which gave us a great title chance. Snyder will have beat the P4P to seal it. The rest of the Medalist preformed to the level that should have been expected.


And if it's team 2nd Rutherford/Oliver performance may get scrutinized the most since we couldn't muster up a placement point or two from that weight class with OK draw. Oliver obviously ended up hurting out chance by not getting to compete and even though it's ZRs first Senior World Team his draw looked like it was good enough to advance slightly farther.


Stiebers death draw kinda takes any real blame off him although he was expected to place higher originally. .

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