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MFS Day 2

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Sadulaev teched:pinned opponents in 43 out of 68 wins internationally at the senior level.


I don't know kyle's number, but it is also high.


They do tend to tech people. They just also have excellent game planning against the top guys and aren't looking for the tech constantly (which is a smart strategy)


I agree with you for the most part, but still thought this was interesting

I definitely agree they score a lot of points and Tech guys.  But it's a total imagination that they TF all other guys 9 out of 10 times.  

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I didn't doubt JB in 2016 and look what happened. In fact, if you saw the analysis from yesterday I projected in another thread, I had Burroughs beating Tsabolov in the finals today.


You know my comment was about you name calling. Don't act like a child when someone doesn't see it your way. It's really that easy.


Congratulations to Jordan Burroughs on continuing to become the United States greatest wrestler!


The name calling is legit!!! He doubted someone that is proven in big matches..JB is the man and yes I will cry when they doubt him he's my idol

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