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Flo video is Spastic

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Makes perfect sense.  

Think back through all the computer presentations you have seen. I have been at some since teaching College in the 70's to stuff now. All those years of going to some from big corporations to small. Some trying to sell me programs to systems.


All those years and I have only been to ONE that was flawless. An individual guy with a specialized program for business.


Every other presentation had glitches. From 'wiggle that cable' to 're-boot' to 'sorry, we can't go on'.


If it involves computers it is going to have problems.


Worst one for me was a big presentation where the large Corporation was rolling out their new 'Big Stuff' and hooked up to the Internet and projected on a large screen in a rented auditorium. Started going and it was looking great. Trouble hit when Windows shut it all down to install updates. The whole thing was stopped.


So, computers are nice but still have problems. Couple that with Flo and their propensity for screwups and you have unreliable service.

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This sounds like a problem I know about - If any of you are using (2) monitors, then make sure you are watching video on the 'primary' monitor rather than the secondary.


  • If the problem persists... it's something other than what I'm thinking.
  • If the problem goes away... then post here and I think I can help you out.

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