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Strength/power feats of our elite athletes

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One arm pullups (no bracing with the other arm) from a true dead hang are ridiculously tough. I would bet only two or three of our national team members could do even one. I know JB can do one (but just one). He has a huge upper body with massive arms and tiny legs. Maybe one of the lighter guys like Gilman can do one too.


SIXTEEN in a row with a single arm like Gruenwald did is preposterous, downright freakish right up there with a 1000 lb squat and 700 lb raw bench in terms of impressiveness. As I said, if Brinzer wasn’t who he is, I would immediately cal BS. That has to be a world record or damn close.


I don't recall seeing anyone else do more than one, and there aren't that many people I've seen do one.  I never managed one.  So there was a real sense of "WTF am I watching?" as it was going on.


I could see this. I want to see the form on Gruenwald's one-handers. I can't tell how impressive that is unless I see how they're done. If he can do 16 while fully extending his arm between each real, I would definitely have to tip my hat to him.


I can describe it:  ugly.  Full range, but ugly.  He'd go down and dangle... sometimes rotating awkwardly, sometimes turning a bit sideways, so that his head wasn't pointed up.  You'd think that had to be it, and then he'd correct it and hoist himself up again.  Some kicking on later ones, if I recall correctly.  Chin cleared.  The whole thing took quite awhile.


It was 17, and I'm not sure he did it more than once.  He later told me that it hurt his shoulder.


It's a weird story.  If people don't believe it, I can't say I blame them, and it doesn't really bother me. From their standpoint, it's one guy's testimony; from mine, I don't get anything out of it either way.  But I'm willing to say in public, "I saw this thing."

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