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Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

Akhmat Kadyrov cup

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Kadyrov cup will be held on 7 October, it will be look like World cup, dual meets between the Europan team, "Team Akhmat" , Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Russia Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. They will be divided in the two pools like in World Cup. Of course, Team Akhmat will win, because Ramzan Kadyrov will ещ watch it sitting on the gold podium. thought that USA or Iran will compete there, but no. Sad. 


Akhmat line up for the tournament 

57: Zelimkhan Abakarov (Yarygin bronze 2017)

61: Bekkhan Goygereyev (world champ)

65: Akhmed Chakaev (world bronze)

70: Rasul Dzukaev (european champ, world placed), Israil Kasumov (Eu champ)

74: Khetik Tsabolov (world champ)

86: Dauren Kurugliev (EU champ)

97: Tamerlan Rasuev (why no Bolt? 5th Russian nat's 2017)

125 Adlan Ibragimov (Yarygin bronze 2017)



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