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wrestle-off videos/coverage

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I might do a live facebook video from Michigan's wrestle off. If I do I'll post a link to my facebook about 30 min before the match to give enough people time to add me so they can watch. 

Excellent! I will definitely tune in.  What is the date of the wrestle-off

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It's a good idea to check particular teams Facebook pages. I know Michigan streamed some stuff last season(not sure on wrestle offs) and Central Michigan showed their wrestle offs on Facebook.

CMU’s wrestleoffs just started about 5mins ago on Facebook for those interested.

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George Mason 




125 | Victor Echeverria (Gold) decision over Talha Farooq (Green), 11-7 | 3-0 Team Gold
149 | Bryce Reddington (Gold) fall over Justin Yorkdale (Green), :55 | 9-0 Team Gold
133 | Jose Tapia (Green) decision over Trevor Mello (Gold), 8-2 | 9-3 Team Gold
141 | Tejon Anthony (Gold) decision over Lio Quezada (Green), 8-3 | 12-3 Team Gold
165 | Brendan May (Green) decision over Austin Wilkerson (Gold), 4-2 | 12-6 Team Gold
174 | Levko Higgins (Gold) fall over Jacob Boisseau (Green), :50 | 18-6 Team Gold
184 | Austin Harrison (Green) SV-1 over Philip Stolfi (Gold), 4-2 | 18-9 Team Gold
197 | Eli Spencer (Green) major decision over Devin Rolon (Gold), 10-2 | 18-13 Team Gold
125 | Ibrahim Bunduka (Green) major decision over Victor Echeverria (Gold), 12-3 | 18-17 Team Gold
149 | Matthew Raines (Green) decision over Bryce Reddington (Gold), 5-2 | 20-18 Team Green
157 | Creed Lumpp (Gold) fall over Justin Yorkdale (Green), 6:59 | 24-20 Team Gold

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