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Who was the best wrestler from each school (all-time)!

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Lehigh - Darryl Burley




uh, ever hear of Mike Caruso?


sorry, I saw someone beat me to it.


so I'll add in:

Gettysburg College   -    Joe Bavaro    2x NCAA Div 1 finalist from a school that looked at wrestling as an 

                                                              extra-curricular activity.

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American- Josh Glenn

Appalachian State- Austin Trotman

Arizona State-Dan St. John

Binghamton-Donald Vinson


Brown-Ophir Bernstein

Bucknell-Kevin LeValley

Buffalo-Kyle Cerminara


Cal Bakersfield- Stephen Neal

Cal Fresno State- Stephen Abas

Cal Davis- Derek Moore

Campbell-Nathan Kraisser

Central Michigan-Casey Cunningham 

Citadel-Ugi Khishignyam

Clarion- Kurt Angle/ Wade Schalles 

Cleveland State-Dan Carcelli


Cornell- Kyle Dake


Drexel-Ryan Hluschak

Duke-Conner Hartmann

Eastern Michigan- Joel Smith

Edinboro- Josh Koscheck

Franklin & Marshall-Brian Brown 

Gardner- Webb-Austin Trott 

George Mason-John Curtis

Harvard-Jesse Jantzen

Hofstra-Nick Gallo

Illinois-Isaiah Martinez

Indiana- Joe Dubuque

Iowa- Lincoln McIlravy  TJ Williams or Jim Zalesky

Iowa State- Cael Sanderson

Kent State- Dustin Kilgore

Lehigh- Mike Caruso

Lock Haven-Cary Kolat  Gray Simons  https://www.si.com/vault/1962/09/26/591449/little-man-with-a-bid-lock-on-records  

Maryland-Hudson Taylor  Gobel Kline

Michigan- Mark Churella

Michigan State- Greg Johnson

Minnesota- Damion Hahn

Missouri- Ben Askren

Nebraska-Jordan Burroughs

North Carolina State-Nick Gwiazdowski

North Carolina- Tj Jaworsky

North Dakota State-Steven Monk

Northern Colorado- Justin Gaethje

Northern Illinois-Roy Conrad

Northern Iowa-Bill Koll

Northwestern- Jake Herbert

Ohio State- Logan Stieber

Ohio-Jake Percival 

Oklahoma- Mark Schultz

Oklahoma State- Pat Smith

Old Dominion-Wayne Bright

Oregon State- Les Gutches  Jess Lewis, then Greg Strobel

U Penn- Matt Velenti

Penn State- Zain Retherford

Pittsburgh-Pat Santoro  both of the Peery brothers are ahead of Pat

Princeton-John Orr

Purdue-Chris Fleeger  Charlie Jones

Rider-Chad Walsh

Rutgers-Anthony  Ashnault

Sacred Heart-

South Dakota State- Seth Gross

Southern Illinois Edwardsville-Tim Wright

Stanford-Nick Amuchastegui  Matt Gentry

Tennessee Chattanooga-Charlie Heard

Air Force Academy-KEVIN HOY 

U.S. Military Academy West Point-Mike Natvig

U. S. Naval Academy-John Reich

Utah Valley-Ben Kjar

Virginia-Nick Sulzer 

VMI-Charlie Branch

Virginia Tech-DEVIN CARTER

West Virginia-Greg Jones

WIsconsin- Lee Kemp

Wyoming- Reese Andy

Programs No Longer Active

Syracuse-Gene Mills

Clemson- Sammy Henson

East Stoudsburg- Jack Cuvo

LSU-Kevin Jackson

Kentucky- Ricky Dellagatta

Slippery Rock-Stan Dziedzic

BYU-Aaron Holker

Portland State-Rick Sanders 


Eastern Illinois- Geno Savegnago

Grand Valley State-

Miami (Ohio)-

Oregon-Shane Webster

Temple - Bill Hyman

UCLA-Fred Bohna

California (Pa)-

Oakland Michigan-

Morgan State-

Northern Michigan-

Southern Connecticut State-

Cal State Sacramento-

Central Florida-

Youngstown State-

Southwest Missouri-

Southern Illinois Carbondale-Larry Kristoff 

Minnesota Morris- 

Many Others Sadly-


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Syracuse -   Jim Nance/Gene Mills

Air Force - Bob Henderson

Portland State -  Rick Sanders

Fresno State - Mike Gallego

Temple - Wayne Boyd

Washington - Larry Owings

Hofstra - Nick Gallo

UCLA - Fred Bohna

Cal State - Bakersfield - Jon Azevedo

Bloomsburg - Ricky Bonomo

Tennessee - Chris Edmond

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To lu_alum,    not lu_alum   


Your pick for SIU Carbondale - Larry Kristoff


Yeah agreed he was a dandy. Larry represented the US on 2 separate Olympic teams. Although, he just missed bringing home a medal each time.


Insofar as his tourney wrestling results at Carbondale :


In 1963 and 1964 Larry won the very first & second "College Div" hwt titles, as opposed to "University Div." titles. Please note that prior to '63 and '64

most folks referred to this "College Div." as "Small Schools."


While the "University Div" was commonly and simply known as the NCAA's (or, "Big Schools").


Larry was the hwt runner-up at the 1964 NCAA's losing to the Syracuse 2 Xer and Football stud Jim Nance.


Additionally, Larry is a past Midlands Champion, but then again so am I.



That said, I would be remiss if I did not mention two of the all time greats at Carbondale. Some of my favs , and my C'dale choices...


1 ) Don (DUCK) Millard- 2 X AA and 1 X champ. 167 pounds


Millard placed 4th in 1963 at the NCAA big tourney held at Kent State U. Kent, Ohio

Don then won it all in 1964 at the NCAA's held at Cornell (N. Y.) University.


2) Terry Finn- 1964 NCAA champion. 115 pounds


More too will be revealed RE Duck and Finn- it's a goody

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Cal pa- Mike swift

Morgan st.- Manny Yarborough

Grand valley- singleton? Lost to Wright at d2''s

Duke- Konrad Dudziak

Millersville- Tom Barley

Rider- Adam Derengowski

I like the Derengowski call but with Walsh on verge of 3rd AA, I would have to go with him.

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It's tough not to select Dan Hodge for Oklahoma. Undefeated three-time NCAA champion, never taken down in college, pinned his way through the NCAA as a junior (also pinned his way through the freestyle nationals and G-R nationals that same year) and his senior year he was 16-0 with 15 pins. Hodge had a perfect college career..... and that should be the clincher, just like Cael over Gable at Iowa State.


Speaking of Gable, how about his junior season? He was 31-0 with 29 pins, including 24 in a row to set the national record. Also pinned his way through the NCAA that year. That might be the single best season ever by a college wrestler. By the way, Gable defeated 5 NCAA champions during his career at ISU and also won the Midlands, maybe the toughest tournament in America at the time, all 4 years he was in college and was OW all four years.


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my only thing with Ed is he lost 3 times as a senior. greatest ever at Iowa and 3 losses in last season? but yeah he was a bad dude and this is a great topic. despite what I just said I do think Ed is on the short list along with Brands, Lincoln, Joe W, TJ W (only 2 titles, but only 1 career loss and best winning % has to count for something), Davis, and Zalesky (didn't he win out with like an 80 match win streak?) 

Randy Lewis was riding an 81 match win string when he blew out his elbow, still managed to make the podium at NCAAs as a senior. That streak was part of a 91 match unbeaten streak- I think Darryl Burley tied him in there somewhere. Also majored the defending NCAA champ in the previous year's final ( a 4 time finalist in Burley at that, as well as sticking Burley in the All-Star match). He also made an Olympic team while in college- was turning 21 at the time, not to mention his '84 gold and one ill-advised gator roll against John Smith kept him off his 3rd Olympic team.


Pretty much everyone in the gym would stop to watch his matches, as he would score as many points as possible every match,usually back points to pins. He had enough matches scheduled post-injury to stay ahead of Ed Banach to stay on top of the all-time Hawkeye pin lead.


Hard to keep him off the Hawkeye list.

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