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So now what?

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So it seems like the MFS world will be pretty quiet for the next few months, right?  Last year the rules to make it to the WTT were posted in September, but for 2018 they are not yet posted.  So I guess we are waiting to see if US Wrestling is going to stick with something similar to what they've done in the past that led them to become World Champions or blow all that up and do something very different along the lines of the PROWL rumors...?


Right now here are the domestic MFS events that have been scheduled:


March 29-April 1 - Bill Farrell in NYC

April 7-8 - World Cup in Iowa City

April 25-28 - US Open in Las Vegas

May 17 - Last Chance WTT Qualifier (location TBD)

May 18 - Beat the Streets in NYC


Also, the womens and Greco WTT is June 19-20, but no date is given for MFS.  Worlds is in Hungary in late October.


So I guess all we know is that the biggest names probably won't be at Farrell since the World Cup is the next weekend.


Will be interesting to see how much longer it takes for an official qualification procedure to come out.


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Mixed feelings about Yarygin tournament for US wrestlers - get some top competition under your belt and get scouted at the same time.


yeah I don't feel like this is an excuse anymore with the advent of youtube/track/flo


Honestly, I just feel that some of our wrestlers don't want to travel 28+ hours to Krasnoyarsk in the dead middle of winter for one of the toughest damn tournaments in the world.

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