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Wittlake Decommits From PSU

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Unfortunately you are correct. I yearn for the day when schools like Sacred Heart, Rider, Oregon State, and American are competing for the National Championship.

Hey, throw Wyoming in there for my sake. Also, Rider is a very tough team. School, such as sacred heart, need to have some alumni support or some support from USAW ( that will never happen). I do wish more top flight recruits would go to different schools.


I think it was on the penn st. forum where they were discussing that there was more parity when D2 and D3 champions were allowed to compete in the D1 championships. I think it is absolutely correct, more kids may stay closer to home being familiar with a coaching staff that the grew up around.

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Cornell had a shot twice that was spoiled by two of the big programs. Iowa with their two classes and PSU with theirs and Andrew Long.


That is parity.


It would be nice to see very good programs like VT, Arizona State and Michigan have a shot but as things stand now....zero chance.


It's down to 4 teams. Period.


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When was it ever more than 4 schools? 


Prior to Cael Sanderson's arrival at Penn State here is the breakdown. 


5 schools had 1 each. Minnesota had 3.


The other 72 titles were shared by 4 schools in Oklahoma and Iowa. 

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