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Hawk Talk with Mudflap Wrestle Warner this Year!!!!

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Hombres Warner majored Miklus 16-7 over the weekend down to Lindenwood and made it look easy Im saying wrestle him this year now I know some of you gents aint schooled up on the worlds oldest and gratest sport like the Voice of Wrestling gonna drink Tommys kool aid about redshirt and all that but I been thinking on it so hard my head hurts and finally it come to me wrestle Warner as a young freshmans the only way to go fro a hole lotta reasons first what knotheads got three skolliies tied up at 197 and none at 125 and 133 and figures that makes sense second sure hes a young freshman but hes proved hes ready to go so put him out there and earn your money and coach him up instead of jacking your jaw about being a developmental program and all that bull**** and it aint the Iowa way the Iowa ways about finishing fourth and not winning it seven years in a row its a what have you done for me lately business and I dont know if you noticed or not but you aint gettin it done cut Wilkie down to 184 and now you almost gotta team.


Now I aint scratching a poor mans ass gents you all know that them that comes to the stabbin cabin under the PCR flag at the games and all I got a few sheckles to my name if I aint afraid to say so myself and theres a reason for that gents its because Im reel smart and I know a hole lot about the worlds oldest and gratest sport and I dont buy into this redshirt deal you aint burning Warners shirt your saving it on account if he gets hurt next year plus its about how many team points a year average like you know and if you spead that skollie over five years and one he dont wrestle then thems fewer average and less bang for your buck a business fella like me can figure that out even if some of you gents are scratching your heads about it and all BOrat had a year down to Colorado Springs and wasnt no better as a senior than the year before fellas get hurt or they get burnt out or they dont get no better thems the brakes.


Set that young freshman Warner free gents and get him out on the mat wrestle your best team and give your fans there moneys worth if you cant figure it out Tommy have my old friend Perry talk it thru with you and let him coach that boy up More from OSU aint Godzilla hombres I think Warner could take him but he aint gonna take him sitting in the room on a redshirt year listening to the story of God and Jesus and wishing he was out there on teevee living large being famous and all.


You gents tell me Im wrong on this one Ill call you liar.

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