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Weigh-In Eligibility

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The following questions are primarily directed at states that have maintained a minimum percentage of weigh-ins (such as 33 or 50%) at the lowest weight a wrestler may compete in post-season, but some are also relevant to those who do not have such a requirement (in terms of ability to accept a forfeit, for instance).  Would appreciate responses that identify which state you are responding for.  Each question is based on the premise of a wrestler who is unable to actually compete (for various reasons stated below, excluding such issues as academic ineligibility or school suspension). 

1.  In order for the wrestler to count that weigh-in toward reaching min % needed, does that wrestler need to compete in that event (either wrestle of accept a forfeit, as opposed to weighing in and being held out of the line-up)?

2. If not required to compete, can a wrestler with a skin condition that would preclude wrestling count that weigh in?

3. If the wrestler is in concussion protocol, can that weigh in count?  

4. If in concussion protocol, can wrestler accept a forfeit?

5. If wrestler is injured (ie arm in cast that could be padded to meet rulebook, but clearly unable to compete), can weigh-in count?

6. Same as #5, can wrestler pad cast and accept a forfeit?


While I understand that some of these situation may fall under the umbrella of questionable coaching ethics, looking for enforceable interpretation.


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