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Karimi Throws Match against Russia

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#41 irani


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Posted 10 December 2017 - 05:26 AM

You refuse to wrestle, you lose your career. You throw a match, you lose your career. Lifetime ban for the wrestler who refuses and the coaches. Throwing a match - same thing.


Actual medical reason - no problem. But just refusing means you should be out for good as should your coaches.


If it happens again with anyone on the team the Nation is banned from all International competition for two years.


You wrestle or you pay the price.

I partially agree with you.   I agree, that this is is a blatant violation of sportsmanship and the rules, and there has to be punishment.  The question is who do you punish?  I disagree with punishing the wrestler or the coach.


The wrestler is between a rock and hard place.  His coach is screaming at him, "you must lose".  He will get banned for life by his home country if he does throw the match.


The coach is in a somewhat similar position.


My decision would be to ban the federation.  Start by banning Iran from hosting any events until they agree to act within the rules.  If they repeat the offense, ban the team from international competition for a year.


I would absolutely hate to see the above happen, but it will be more effective than punishing the individual wrestler, and coach, both of whom would much rather just wrestle.

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Posted 10 December 2017 - 07:31 AM

Yep, the only ban that makes sense is an entire federation ban. Karimi is not the first Iranian to throw a match or fake an injury to forfeit and he won't be the last. This time the story just happened to catch fire which is why UWW has said they will investigate. If they ban Karimi and Soleimani then next time it will simply be a different coach and athlete. 


Other than that I guess they could take away events but currently Iran only hosts crap events like clubs cup and world cup.

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