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2018 Southern Scuffle - Ranked Wrestlers

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The entry list indicates that some teams are only sending "partial" teams, so those are indicated by a *.


Couple of observations:


- Will NaTo be back?

- Looking forward to seeing Hidlay compete, if he's there.

- Joseph against Marsteller, anyone?

- 184, 197 and Hwt. will be great if everyone shows.


1. Nathan Tomasello - Ohio State *
3. Nick Piccininni - Oklahoma State
4. Darian Cruz - Lehigh
6. Taylor LaMont - Utah Valley
8. Sean Fausz - North Carolina State *
9. Drew Mattin - Michigan *
11. Jay Schwarm - Northern Iowa
13. Connor Schram - Stanford
16. Louie Hayes - Virginia
2. Scott Parker - Lehigh
3. Kaid Brock - Oklahoma State
4. Luke Pletcher - Ohio State *
5. Jack Mueller - Virginia
6. Austin DeSanto - Drexel
7. Stevan Micic - Michigan *
14. Dennis Gustafson - Virginia Tech *
17. Corey Keener - Penn State
1. Dean Heil - Oklahoma State
4. Kevin Jack - North Carolina State *
6. Joey McKenna - Ohio State *
7. Josh Alber - Northern Iowa
11. Jared Prince - Navy
14. Luke Karam - Lehigh
15. Jered Cortez - Penn State
1. Zain Retherford - Penn State
5. Ke-Shawn Hayes - Ohio State *
6. Max Thomsen - Northern Iowa
10. Geo Martinez - Oklahoma State
11. Solomon Chishko - Virginia Tech *
13. Ronnie Perry - Lock Haven
17. Beau Donahue - North Carolina State *
19. Sam Krivus - Virginia
1. Jason Nolf - Penn State
3. Hayden Hidlay - North Carolina State *
5. Alec Pantaleo - Michigan *
6. Micah Jordan - Ohio State *
10. Mitch Finesilver - Duke
17. Coleman Hammond - CSU Bakersfield
1. Vincenzo Joseph - Penn State
4. David McFadden - Virginia Tech *
5. Logan Massa - Michigan *
6. Chandler Rogers - Oklahoma State
8. Chance Marsteller - Lock Haven
11. Te'Shan Campbell - Ohio State *
17. Demetrius Romero - Utah Valley
19. Gordon Wolf - Lehigh
2. Mark Hall - Penn State
3. Bo Jordan - Ohio State *
5. Jordan Kutler - Lehigh
6. Myles Amine - Michigan *
7. Taylor Lujan - Northern Iowa
8. Jadaen Bernstein - Navy
10. Jacobe Smith - Oklahoma State
12. Keaton Subjeck - Stanford
17. Forrest Przybysz - Appalachian State
18. Will Schany - Virginia
1. Bo Nickal - Penn State
2. Myles Martin - Ohio State *
3. Pete Renda - North Carolina State *
4. Ryan Preisch - Lehigh
5. Domenic Abounader - Michigan *
7. Zack Zavatsky - Virginia Tech *
10. Drew Foster - Northern Iowa
15. Bryce Carr - Chattanooga
17. Michael Coleman - Navy
18. Nick Corba - Cleveland State
1. Kollin Moore - Ohio State *
3. Jared Haught - Virginia Tech *
4. Preston Weigel - Oklahoma State
7. Mike Macchiavello - North Carolina State *
9. Anthony Cassar - Penn State
10. Kevin Beazley - Michigan *
14. Matt Williams - CSU Bakersfield
15. Scottie Boykin - Chattanooga
16. Nathan Traxler - Stanford
18. Jacob Seely - Northern Colorado
1. Kyle Snyder - Ohio State *
2. Adam Coon - Michigan *
3. Nick Nevills - Penn State
5. Jacob Kasper - Duke
7. Mike Hughes - Hofstra
8. Derek White - Oklahoma State
11. Nathan Butler - Stanford
12. Jordan Wood - Lehigh
13. Thomas Haines - Lock Haven
17. Andrew Dunn - Virginia Tech *

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I'm pretty sure Ohio State isn't going and it's not on their schedule:




Here is a more reliable list:


125 Pounds

#5 Darian Cruz, Lehigh


#9 Louie Hayes, Virginia


#12 Jay Schwarm, Northern Iowa


#17 Connor Schram, Stanford


Alonzo Allen, Chattanooga


Aslan Kilic, Navy


Cameron Lathem, Cleveland State


Charles Kearney, The Citadel


De'Andre Swinson, App State


Devin Schnupp, Penn State


Ibrahim Bunduka, George Mason


Jacob Martin, Hofstra


Josiah Kline, Lock Haven


Keegan Duncan, Gardner-Webb


Korbin Meink, Campbell


Michael Johnson, Northern Colorado


Sergio Mendez, CSU-Bakersfield


Thayer Atkins, Duke


Tony DeCesare, Air Force


Zack Fuentes, Drexel


Commentary: Darian Cruz, the defending NCAA champ, is seeking his first Scuffle title but will have to fend off top freshman Louie Hayes and All American Connor Schram.




133 Pounds

#2 Scotty Parker, Lehigh


#6 Jack Mueller, Virginia


#7 Austin DeSanto, Drexel


#17 Corey Keener, Penn State


Codi Russell, App State


Cody Trybus, Navy


DJ Fehlman, Lock Haven


Gabe Townsell, Stanford


Jack Wagner, Northern Iowa


Josh Finesilver, Duke


Isaac Jimenez, Air Force


Nathan Boston, Campbell


Rico Montoya, Northern Colorado


Sean Nickell, CSU-Bakersfield


Vincent Vespa, Hofstra


Wade Cummings, Chattanooga


Commentary: In all likelihood, 133 is the premier weight of this year's tournament. Can Austin DeSanto close the gap on Jack Mueller, or is the Virginia All-American still too much on top for him? How does either match up with Scotty Parker of Lehigh?




141 Pounds

#7 Josh Alber, Northern Iowa


#17 Luke Karam, Lehigh


#19 Russell Rohlfing, CSU-Bakersfield


Alec Opsal, Air Force


Brian Courtney, Virginia


Connor Burkert, Hofstra


Denton Spencer, Gardner-Webb


Ethan Phillips, The Citadel


Irvin Enriquez, App State


Isaiah Locsin, Stanford


Jered Cortez, Penn State


Jeremiah Reitz, Duke


Jonathan Ryan, Campbell


Julian Flores, Drexel


Kyle Shoop, Lock Haven


Michael Pongracz, Chattanooga


Nicholas Gil, Navy


Owen Lamb, Northern Colorado


Sam Matzek, Cleveland State


Tejon Anthony, George Mason


Commentary: Josh Alber is a serious threat to make the finals of yet another major tournament this season.




149 Pounds

#1 Zain Retherford, Penn State


#9 Max Thomsen, Northern Iowa


#15 Ronnie Perry, Lock Haven


Benjamin Barton, Campbell


Benjamin Polkowske, Northern Colorado


Brandon Leynaud, Duke


Cortlandt Schuyler, Lehigh


Gavin Londoff, App State


Joby Armenta, Gardner-Webb


Kalani Tonge, CSU-Bakersfield


Matt Raines, George Mason


Nick Widmann, Drexel


Requir van der Merwe, Stanford


Roman Boylen, Chattanooga


Ryan Burkert, Hofstra


Ryan Ford, Cleveland State


Sam Krivus, Virginia


Thomas Stager, Air Force


Ty Buckiso, The Citadel

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157 Pounds

#1 Jason Nolf, Penn State


#9 Mitch Finesilver, Duke


#13 Coleman Hammond, CSU-Bakersfield


#19 Ian Brown, Lehigh


Alex Klucker, Lock Haven


Austin Kraisser, Campbell


Creed Lumpp, George Mason


Dane Robbins, Air Force


Dylan Forzani, Chattanooga


Evan Barczak, Drexel


Fred Green, Virginia


Georgio Poullas, Cleveland State


Laken Cook, App State


Paden Moore, Northern Iowa


Ricky Stamm, Hofstra


Rian Burris, The Citadel


Tyler Kinn, Northern Colorado


Tyler Marinelli, Gardner-Webb


Walker Dempsey, Stanford


Zack Davis, Navy


Commentary: What sort of completely ridiculous and never-before-seen move will Jason Nolf hit? Make sure to turn your FloArena alerts on so you don't miss any of his matches.




165 Pounds

#1 Vincenzo Joseph, Penn State


#11 Chance Marsteller, Lock Haven


#18 Lorenzo De La Riva, CSU-Bakersfield


Alexandre Lopouchanski, Air Force


Brandon Dallavia, Stanford


Brenden May, George Mason


Brett Stein, Gardner-Webb


Chad Pyke, Chattanooga


Dan Kelly, Northern Iowa


Drew Daniels, Navy


Ebed Jarrell, Drexel


Gordon Wolf, Lehigh


John Vaughn, Cleveland State


Keilan Torres, Northern Colorado


Michael Mewhorter, The Citadel


Quentin Perez, Campbell


Sage Heller, Hofstra


Thomas Fitz, App State


Zach Finesilver, Duke


Commentary: Chance Marsteller versus defending NCAA champ Vincenzo Joseph? Yes, please.




174 Pounds

#2 Mark Hall, Penn State


#4 Jordan Kutler, Lehigh


#7 Taylor Lujan, Northern Iowa


#8 Jadaen Bernstein, Navy


#13 Keaton Subjeck, Stanford


#18 Will Schany, Virginia


Andrew Morgan, Campbell


Austin Rose, Drexel


Bobby Fehr, Hofstra


Bryan Battitsto, CSU-Bakersfield


Christian Maroni, Gardner-Webb


Forrest Przbysz, App State


Gabe Stark, Cleveland State


Jared Siegrist, Lock Haven


Justin Lampe, Chattanooga


Levko Higgins, George Mason


Matt Finesilver, Duke


Michael Billingsley, Air Force


Michael Lopouchanski, The Citadel


Sethan Bogulski, Northern Colorado


Commentary: We all felt comfortable saying Mark Hall was a title contender after last year's 174 finals at the Southern Scuffle. He'll likely have to get through Lehigh's Jordan Kutler, who won 157 here and lost a 3-2 decision to Hall a few weeks ago.




184 Pounds

#1 Bo Nickal, Penn State


#4 Ryan Preisch, Lehigh


#9 Drew Foster, Northern Iowa


#12 Bryce Carr, Chattanooga


#18 Dylan Gabel, Northern Colorado


#19 Michael Coleman, Navy


Alan Clothier, App State


Austin Flores, Stanford


Chance McClure, Virginia


Chandler Sambets, The Citadel


Cole Graves, Gardner-Webb


Corey Hazel, Lock Haven


Cory Damiana, Hofstra


Dom Ducharme, CSU-Bakersfield


Kaden Russell, Duke


Luke Funck, Campbell


Nick Corba, Cleveland State


Owen Brooks, Drexel


Phillip Stolfi, George Mason


Zen Ikehara, Air Force


Commentary: Bo Nickal is considered a lock to make the NCAA finals for the third straight year, but Ryan Preisch is hoping to put a bump in that road.




197 Pounds

#9 Anthony Cassar, Penn State


#11 Matt Williams, CSU-Bakersfield


#14 Scottie Boykin, Chattanooga


#16 Nathan Traxler, Stanford


#17 Jacob Holschlag, Northern Iowa


#18 Jacob Seely, Northern Colorado


#19 Jake Jakobsen, Lehigh


Alec Schenk, Duke


Anthony McLaughlin, Air Force


Anthony Perrine, Gardner-Webb


Austin McNeil, Campbell


Devin Rolon, George Mason


Jay Aiello, Virginia


John Kelbly, Cleveland State


Matt McCutcheon, Penn State


Nezar Haddad, Hofstra


Randall Diabe, App State


Sawyer Root, The Citadel


Shakur Rasheed, Penn State


Steban Cervantes, Navy


Stephen Louiseau, Drexel


Tristan Sponseller, Lock Haven


Commentary: There's a lot of room for guys ranked outside the top eight to make a statement.




285 Pounds

#3 Nick Nevills, Penn State


#5 Jacob Kasper, Duke


#6 Mike Hughes, Hofstra


#9 Jordan Wood, Lehigh


#10 Thomas Haines, Lock Haven


#13 Nathan Butler, Stanford


Austin Faunce, Navy


Carter Isley, Northern Iowa


Cary Miller, App State


Collin Kelly, Cleveland State


Connor Tolley, Chattanooga


Jere Heino, Campbell


Lathan Bumgarner, Gardner-Webb


Mat Wagner, Air Force


Matthew Voss, George Mason


Mark Penyacsek, CSU-Bakersfield


Michael McAleavey, The Citadel


Robert Winters, Northern Colorado


Sean O'Malley, Drexel


Tyler Love, Virginia


Commentary: Maybe the deepest weight outside 133, there could be half or more of the 2018 All-Americans that come out of this field.

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I'm pretty sure Ohio State isn't going and it's not on their schedule:




Here is a more reliable list:

I looked here for the team list.  It says Ohio State may not send full team, so would agree that we probably won't see them.  We can hope, though.



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According to Coach Frayer, VT is sending:  Lewis, Borst, Manley, Latona, Smeltzer, and Bolen  unattached and Blees and Hughes attached.  He left open the possibility of a couple others but did not list any other names.  I'm especially looking forward to seeing what Lewis can do against the 165 field.

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Man, that first list was a lot juicier than the modified list that followed..


Exactly what I thought. At first seeing the thread list, I even thought to get a flopro account again just to see this tournament, then saw the modified list and decided not.

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