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Christmas Wish List

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Enjoyed Flo's Christmas wish list so I'm feeling free to add my own at the bottom of their list. Merry Christmas to the Flo and Mat staff and all my fellow posters!




Willie's wish:

My Christmas wish is the perfect world team with the 10 new weights so America can go back to back. In my stocking, I want Anthony Ashnault to receive a medical redshirt year so he can be a four-time All-American for Rutgers.

CP's wish:

Dear Daton Fix, Nick Suriano, and Spencer Lee: 

Please enter the same tournament and wrestle each other in 2018.  


Christian Pyles

Bader's wish:


Mike Mal's wish:

My Christmas wish is Sadulaev vs. Snyder part two at Yarygin.

Bratke's wish:

My Christmas wish is Bo Nickal vs. Myles Martin in the final match of the night at NCAAs with the team title on the line. 

Holmes' wish:

Every wrestler healthy, peaking, and letting it all hang out at NCAAs.

Nomad's wish:

My Christmas wish is Asgarov making a return to wrestling in 2018.

Joe K's wish:

World titles at all age levels, Suriano vs. Lee, and an NCAA champ for Rutgers.

Spey's wish:

- A dual meet tournament that earns team points that helps decide the DI NCAA team championship.

- An international-style step-out rule for high school and college.

- Criteria instead of overtime for everyone.

- Criteria decided only by first to score, nothing else. 

- An RTC challenge cup.

- More DI programs.

- More DI conferences.

- More DII and DIII and NAIA teams and conferences.

- Everyone to continue their wrestling careers without injuries.



2td3nf's wish:


- Kyle Dake and David Taylor both win gold medals at 2018 World Championships (along with our other gold medalists).

- Team USA MFS wins 2018 World Cup and 2018 World Championship.

- Step-out rule in folkstyle. (Sorry for copying you Andrew but this one is big on my list.)

- At least one gold medal for Greco at Worlds and the best American upper body folk wrestlers commit to Greco.


Feel free to add to the list.......








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