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Rule Change Proposals: Jan 2--Match Scoring

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The following ideas are based on an attempt to increase action, increase & simplify scoring, increase participation, reduce forfeits and increase fan interest.  Some are original, others borrowed (or modified from folks such as Wade Schalles), and some are concepts that have appeared on annual surveys or as forum suggestions or comments.  Always look forward to feedback and suggestions.  I will post each of the following 4 proposals over the next 4 weeks...as this HS forum has been fairly quiet.


**Individual Match Scoring (Jan 2)

**Team Scoring


**Weight Classes & Growth Allowances


Individual Match Scoring 4-3-2-1 (increases & simplifies scoring, emphasizing takedowns and back points)


Even for devoted fans, too many matches are boring.  Low scoring, trying to keep it close and often going to overtime with a 1-1 score.  There must be more of an incentive for each wrestler to score, and this is partially addressed in the "team scoring" later, but scoring that rewards takedowns and nearfalls is a start.

1. Implement 4-3-2-1 scoring.  This simplifies scoring for all involved (wrestlers, coaches, refs and fans).

a. Takedowns are worth 3 points.  Action on your feet needs to be encouraged.  In addition, those who are superior in neutral are often only gaining a small advantage if electing to release the defensive wrestler.  If you take down your opponent twice, opt to release him and then cut him free from the bottom to start the 2nd period, you have been rather dominant but only lead 4-3.  Your foe may be allowed to counter and stall his way into a match that is tighter than it should be.  While there are some who advocate only the FIRST takedown being worth 3 points, I believe that relative to other scoring, ALL takedowns should earn 3 points.

b. Reversals are worth 2 points.  No change to this scoring. However, by increasing takedowns, more bottom wrestlers will look to score escapes rather than reversals.

c. Escapes are worth 1 point.  There are some who believe that an offensive wrestler should not have to give up any points when "cutting free" a defensive wrestler.  However, with the 3-point takedown, the escape point should remain.

d. Nearfall are worth 2-4 points (2 swipes of referee’s arm earns 2 points, 4 swipes/seconds earns 3 and 6 earns 4).  Simplified back points, ranging from 2 points for a 2 count, to 4 points for a 6 count.  Some have proposed per swipe, but that near of an increment becomes too much of a debate regarding ref counts.

e. Penalties simply progress from 1-2-3-4-DQ (same for stalling).  Completely separate penalty points and stalling points, with first offense 1 point, 2nd offense 2 points and son on...up to 4 points.  A fifth violation would be a DQ.  For stalling, the same point scale...but may retain the caution for first offense (which must be more willing to be awarded early, as opposed to just for show in the last 10 seconds).

f. If college maintaining riding point, should only be awarded if near fall has been earned.  Although personally against any riding points, college tradition would have some resistance eliminating this form of stalling...so at least make it earned only if the wrestler with the 1 minute advantage has earned at least one near fall.


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