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Since I'm already on this thread...

I don't think it was a concussion for sure, but the coaches figured it was better not to take a chance.


One thing I'm very happy with over the last few decades are sports taking head injuries seriously, even if it's been imposed upon them.  Back in the day, we thought once you shook it off, it had no lasting consequences, other than boxers, I suppose.  In my 20's, living near Philadelphia, my buddies & I got in one of those alcohol-fueled discussions once about when you get really old, would you rather have your body fall apart or your mind, one guy said, definitely your mind.  "You won't know the difference, you'll be babbling like a baby".  I couldn't disagree more; I remembered my grandmother the last five years or so of her life, less and less of her there, and she cried all the time - whatever was left of her mind knew this wasn't good.  And seeing some of the NFL guys from the 80's and 70's now, tough to watch.  I definitely don't want to end all contact sports, I'm just glad we recognize that it does add up and it can stay with you - things we need to keep on top of.  You can replace knees, hips, kidneys, hearts... But not the command center.  I hope it's nothing serious with DeSanto.


(Some have hinted that my mind doesn't always think straight, but I definitely know the machine is wearing down fast.  I'll still take that over the other, though)

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