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January 3rd, 2018 WrestlingByPirate Dual Impact Index

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Note: I hadn't initially planned on running a post-Scuffle version of the Dual Impact Index, but changed my mind...thought it wouldn't be fair to have a rating that showed how Midlands affected things, but then to not have a rating to show how the Scuffle affected things as well.



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Not a bad look for the Michigan natives so far:


125:Schroder would be 14th if not for the fact that he is riding the pine behind #11 Welch so Foley would have to fill in at #20.

133:Ian Parker at #30

141:Mason Smith at #6 with Cole Weaver at #16.  Hopefully Storr gets it together and fits somewhere into the top 10.

149:Oliver #3.  Bleise would be top 20 if not for redshirting.

157:Pantaleo #6

165:Massa #4

174:Amine #6 with Skatzka as a solid backup at #13.

184:Little Dean at #7 with redshirting freshman Embree inside the top 20

197:Beazley #9

285:Coon #1


Not enough to beat perennial powerhouse PA or Ohio for that matter, but all 8 guys from 141-285 are solid podium contenders.

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