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Iowa vs Okie State Thread

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Lee vs Picc

Laux/Glynn vs Brock

Happel/Turk vs Heil

Sorenson vs Boo

Kemerer vs Jonce Blaylock

Marinelli vs Rodgers

Gunther vs Jacobe Smith

Bowman/PD3 vs Keegan Moore

Ca$h vs Preston Weigel

Stollhouse vs Derek White


Here's how wrestlestate sees it:



Here's how I see it:
Lee by D: IA 3-0
Brock by MD: OkSt 4-3
Heil by D: OkSt 7-3
Sorenson by D: OkSt 7-6
Kem by MD: IA 10-7
Marinelli by D: IA 13-7
Gunther by D (Carver magic): IA 16-7
If bowman, Bowman by D.  If PD3, PD3 by MD: IA 19-7 if Bowman, 20-7 if PD3
Cash by D: IA 23-7
Stoll by D: IA 26-7
Wow, so I waited until after i made my picks to tally up the score and I can't believe I see it as such a land slide.  I get that I tipped basically all of the tossups IA's way (homer) but being in Carver, I could absolutely see it.
What do you guys think?  

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Lee by major 4 to 0 Iowa

Brock by major 4 to 4

Heil by Dec 7 to 4 osu

Sorenson by Dec 7 to 7

Kem by major 11 to 7 Iowa

Rogers by Dec 11 to 10 Iowa

Smith by Dec 13 to 11 osu

Bowman by Dec 16 to 11 osu

Weigel by Dec 19 to 11 osu

Stoll by Dec 19 to 14 osu

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Lee TF 5-0 Iowa

Brock By MD 5-4 Iowa

Heil by dec 7-5 Ok St

Sorenson by Dec 8-7 Iowa

Kem by  MDec 12-7 Iowa

Rogers pin 13-12 Ok St

Smith by dec 16-12 Ok St

PD by MD 16-16, 

Wiegel by Dec 19-16 Ok St

Stoll by Dec 19-19

Ok St Wins on Criteria


If PD 3 does not wrestle than Ok St by Dec at 184 so 22-15 Ok St

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Lee by MD.  Picc is good but struggles on bottom.  I could see Picc winning the TD battle but I think Lee has his way on top.  Picc is really good but bad matchup for him. 

Brock by something.  Brock is wildly inconsistent and could win big or look bad in edging out inferior competition.

Heil by something like 3-1

Boo got worked against NCST but I wouldn't be shocked to see him score offensive points and make it a competitive loss.

Kem big.  Blaylock at least has a gas tank so it shouldn't get uglier as it goes.  Just a non-stop butt kicking that ends close to a TF.

Rogers over Marinelli.  I don't think you beat Rogers by pushing forward.  I also think the first time you wrestle him it is a unique experience.

Smith without much trouble or much scoring.

Who knows.  It might be Marsden which will at least be the fun version of who knows.  

Weigel beats Wilke.  

Stoll vs White is super interesting.  White has been really good and way bigger than a former 197 his height should be able to be.  I think he's the better wrestler but I don't think he has the horsepower to force Stoll out of a sumo match and into an actual wrestling match.  


4-0 Iowa


7-4 OSU


11-7 Iowa


13-11 OSU

14-13 Iowa

16-14 OSU

17-16 Iowa

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Lee dec 3-0

Brock tech 3-5

Heil MD 3-8

Sorenson Dec 6-8

Kem tech 11-8

Rogers pin 11-14

Smith MD 11-17

PD3 MD 15-17

Weigel Dec 15-20

Stoll dec 18-20 ok state


I think it will come down to Rogers vs Marinelli. Not confident in the Rogers pick.

Who could ever be confident in a Rogers pick?

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Lee MD 4-0

Brock MD 4-4

Heil Dec 4-7

Sorenson MD 8-7

Kem MD 12-7

Marinelli Dec 15-7

Smith Dec 15-10

Moore Dec 15-13

Weigel Dec 15-16

Stoll Dec 18-16

74-97 are huge for Okie St.. Hopefully the 2 setbacks light a fire under Heil and he opens up his offense..Bonus by him could swing the dual in favor of the Pokes..I don't see Marinelli losing to Rogers but that would be key in a OSU victory as well but being in CHA you know the Hawkeyes will be on point so I don't see them dropping this one and wouldn't be surprised to see Kem get a TF or Fall

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If he doesn't, I think it suggests he won't wrestle this season. There is no reason for him to miss that dual if he is actually on the team.


well unless he is not yet down to 184.  Perhaps why he didn't wrestle Midlands - wasn't going to be able to weigh in low enough to then be allowed to drop down to 184 when needed.

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Lee dec  3-0

Brock mdec  3-4

Heil dec 3-7

Sorensen dec 6-7

Kem mdec 10-7

Marinelli dec 13-7

Smith dec 13-10

Moore dec 13-13

Weigel dec 13-16

White dec 13-19


Okie St. 19-13


I think you have it about right in that it may come down to HWT, whoever wins there wins the meet.  Should be a good one.

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