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Ohio State vs Rutgers

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Compelling. Delvecchio has looked like a borderline AA. Pletcher has jumped levels I tom potentially the high AA category, but tends to have close matches. Looking forward to seeing where each guy is



Van Brill has beaten a few ranked guys. McKenna hasn’t been tested this season. For tOSU to win the title, McKenna has to AA. Great test for him.



Rutgers has talent here. Hayes is the favorite but this isn’t a squash match



Most compelling matchup. Both guys are fringe AA contenders.



Two Likely AAs. If Martin puts in on him, that would be a huge statement


Starting now on BTN

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That was some strange officiating in Moore's match - penalizing aggressive wrestling.


a stalling warning when he head snapped the guy out of bounds, then a penalty point for pulling the guys arm from top, where a potentially dangerous call could have been enforced. I don't like seeing a ref insert himself. 

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You living under a rock?


Haha. Congrats on having a life. Threads on here about protecting seeds have all the info you need.

A really comfortable rock! You’ve made the connection, thanks.


Sucks the life out of wrestling.

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Great to see the enthusiasm for Rutgers wrestling but I can do without the tongue out, muscle posing of Lewis and Deluca after your team just got walloped. Call me old school, but I did not like the look. 


Great atmosphere and great turn out for Rutgers. They have done an amazing job.

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