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Tragic - CA High School Wrestler Paralyzed - please help if you can

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Promising news for Ryan Joseph! This update is from Frank Somerville's Facebook page. He's from KTVU in the Bay Area:



“On my worst days, I think of all of you and I know I will be alright.”


That’s 16 year old Ryan Joseph talking about all the people who are pulling for him.

What an amazing attitude he has.


Ryan goes to College Park High School.

He was paralyzed from the neck down earlier this month during a wrestling tournament.


His family has given me permission to use this new picture of him in the hospital.


There is also some promising news about his future.

This is the statement that I was sent from his family:


Ryan is strong and hopeful. 
He is making progress every day. 
Our care team at John Muir Medical Center has been kind and professional and an integral part of his healing.


Currently, Ryan has good movement in his shoulders, his right arm has partial movement, and his left arm is starting to move.


He has feeling in some of his torso and recently regained some feeling in both feet.


His diaphragm is getting stronger and hopefully soon he will be able to breathe on his own without a ventilator.


The healing process is long and it may take 1 to 2 years to fully establish Ryan's capabilities.


Our family is looking forward to the next stage of recovery at Craig Hospital in Denver.


It is an intensive rehab program where Ryan will refine the mobility that he has and hopefully discover more as he works hard in therapy.


It is a family-oriented program and we will all be there to work alongside Ryan.


Ryan would like everyone to know how much their love and support means to him.


---The Joseph family.


The Joseph family also says they are so touched by the outpouring of support that they’ve gotten from the community.


They are now in need of a wheelchair accessible van.
And on Monday, February 5th a pasta feed fundraiser is being held at College Park High School.


ALL the money raised will go to getting them the van.
I will post the flyer at the top of the comment section.


I cover so many tragic stories.
It never ceases to amaze me how those involved rise to the occasion.


My thoughts are with Ryan and his family.






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This was an email sent to the wrestling coaches in the league from the College Park AD (Ryan Joseph's HS). The league championships are tomorrow. Ryan is currently recovering at Craig Hospital in Denver. More good news.....




Please add Ryan Joseph to the varsity bracket/roster for College Park at 138.  He has been cutting weight for the past month and confirmed hw weigh-in at Craig in Denver.  


He ate solid food today for the first time since the injury.  He had a Ruben sandwich, fries and a Coke.  He has also been breathing the past 5 days unassisted.


We all know how good that sandwich tasted after cutting weight.  Multiply that by a month!




Jim Keck
Department Chair Physical Education
Athletic Director
College Park High School






Please keep Ryan in your prayers!

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Here's an update & picture of Ryan from Frank Somerville - KTVU in the Bay Area:


Great news about paralyzed high school wrestler


I was sent this picture of Ryan Joseph today.
He’s the College Park High School student who was paralyzed from the neck down during a wrestling tournament in January.


From the looks of this picture he is making a remarkable recovery.
He now has the use of his arms.
And this was his first time going down the hallway in a manual wheelchair.


(He’s currently being treated at a specialized treatment center in Denver)


The other day Ryan also ate his first solid food.
And from the looks of things he’s off his respirator.


But he still doesn’t have feeling in his fingers and his lower body.


I often wonder about the boy who was wrestling with Ryan when the accident happened.


From everything I’ve read the boy did nothing wrong.
It was just an unfortunate accident.
I hope he understands that.
I hope he is okay.


As for Ryan it’s great seeing the progress he’s making.







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