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Lehigh vs Virginia Tech

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This is looking like a tough one for the Hokies but there are several interesting matchups.  Should be fun.


125 - Cruz vs Norstrem - Can the freshman avoid bonus points here.  I'm guessing it's a major and hopefully not worse.  4-0 Lehigh

133 - Parker vs Gustafson - Gus has not looked very good recently but should hold it to a decision.  7-0 Lehigh

141 - Karam vs Moore - Moore has been wrestling well as of late but I see Karam taking this one by decision - 10-0 Lehigh

149 - Schuyler vs Chishko -Solomon was back for Pitt.  He seems off but I think he still pulls this one out.  10-3 Lehigh

157 - Brown vs LaPrade - Something is telling me BC could get the upset here at home but I'll go with Brown. 13-3 Lehigh

165 - Wolf vs McFadden - Can McFadden score some bonus?  I think he gets the major.  13-7

174 - Kutler vs Bolen/Hughes - Not sure which guy will go for the Hokies but I think it's Kutler by major either way. 17-7 Lehigh

184 - Preisch? vs Zavatsky - ZZ lost to Preisch earlier in the year but has been on a roll lately.  Is Preisch still out?  17-10 Lehigh.

197 - Jakobsen vs Haught - Jared with the decision. 17-13 Lehigh

285 - Wood vs Dunn - I'll take Dunn to make it 17-16. Lehigh


Zavatsky vs Preisch would be the highlight if it happens  He has been a thorn in the Hokies side - beating Epperly last year and Zavatsky this year.  If Preisch is still out, Zavatsky could score bonus to tie it up.  I'm also very interested to see 141 and 157.  Both guys for VT have been improving.

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Parker is not likely to wrestle.  Schuyler injury defaulted (elbow) yesterday against Army.  Doubt that Preisch would wrestle his first match since early December against Zavatsky.

What is going on with Parker?


Lehigh could make the podium this year, but they need Parker to AA and Preisch to be top 5

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Match notes now up. Parker or Farro @ 133, Fischer or Mele @ 149, Preisch or Dunn @ 184. Pairs of guys listed at every weight except 125 and 174. Sheesh.

Lehigh is consistently so deep. They seem to have two qualifier level guys at half their weight classes

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The Cornell trolls checking in.

I'm not sure if having an interest in who wrestles, and the outcome, constitutes trolling but if it does - Guilty!


It's actually better for Cornell if Lehigh mats the same lineup against VT as they did at Cornell, and then that lineup does well - better for Cornell rankings and RPI.  So I'll be finding myself in the unusual position of rooting for Lehigh!


On the other hand, if VT dominates - well, then the entertainment value on the Lehigh forum goes up! ;-)

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