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Is he Jamaican?



Well, long long time ago.......we watched, as an intermarry baby bingo started to run rampant throughout the Lower Eastside. The English language, as well as the Romance languages took a big hit.


The accent....the slang--If you will, seemed to be ever evolving.


Today it can sound like a word salad from our yutt of nowdays. Now mon, ya gotta get it dat this here wrestler is okay witt all duh changes mon.


And you ?  



I got spirit - yes I do - I got spirit - how bout U ?

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Spoke to another Rutgers grad yesterday and he was even more disappointed than I was about how the Rutgers’ guys acted. Anyway, tough isn’t face slapping and head butting. It’s winning against the best. Last night PSU showed the type of toughness I want my Scarlet Knights to display.

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