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Hodge update

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If he wins out, Zain should get it if the criteria really is the criteria. 


If the both win out, reasons to give KS the Hodge:


1. His international folkstyle record

2. Ohio State only has 1 Hodge (not fair to the darlings of the B10)

3. PSU will have 5 if ZR gets it (Can't let PSU get too far ahead...Nickal or Nolf win it the next year)

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If we assume that both Retherford and Snyder win out (and for the purpose of this discussion we ignore other possible candidates for the Hodge):


1.  ZR will have twice the number of matches and wins than KS this year  (and unlike KS he will have zero losses).

2.  ZR will 3 or 4 (possibly 5) times the number of pins  than KS this year (and many more over his career we might add)

3.  ZR will have a much higher dominance rating based the statistical combination of pins, techs, majors and decisions than KS

4.  ZR and KS will have comparable past college credentials (3 titles).   KS will have placed second to ZR's 5th in the other (freshman) year, but ZR's overall record will be much better:  approx. 127-3 for ZR  to 74-5 KS  (50 + more wins and 2 fewer losses).


5-7  The last three criteria are far more subjective, less important in the decision-making (lower down the list), and arguably close to equal for the two wrestlers.  Even if you factor in KS's international freestyle wins and give him props for that, this doesn't clearly outweigh the primary focus on: (i) the collegiate wrestling and (ii) the fact that the Hodge is given for the best wrestler that year (not the best over a career), and it is here that ZR will have more pins, more wins, more dominance, and fewer losses.  


Note:  I believe only once has the Hodge gone to a wrestler who lost during the season.


Nick Ackerman lost 4 times during the season and he tied with Cael for  the award.   


Brent Metcalf was pinned and he won it over an undefeated national champion.  


You can't put too much stock into the criteria listed.  We go over this every year.   They will give it to whom ever they want to have it.  They'll then fit the criteria around the selection.      If Snyder wins out, I would not at all be surprised to see him get it.  It would make me laugh a little, but there would be no surprise what so ever.  

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Snyder is so far ahead of zain when it comes to wrestling talent that it's not even funny. Zain can have the hodge (him and nickal are front runners imo) all day. I'm sure Snyder will wipe his tears off with his gold world medals..

there is a argument that Zain will have gold metals also

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