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When is it time to pull the plug on a coach?

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I know wrestling coaches are usually pretty safe, they often don't get fired or asked to resign unless they do something dumb, dangerous or illegal.  But at what point do you say enough is enough with a coach and cut him loose?  Here's a few examples of coaches who are still around, but if you had the power to get rid of them, would you?


Coach #1: Was the head coach at a middle of the road high school and had a few top guys, but the talent ran dry from the wrestlers he inherited and numbers dropped off to the point where they canceled the season and eventually ended up dropping wrestling.  He resurfaced as the head coach at another high school where he took a first year program and finished last at sectionals with only one wrestler managing to score any points.  Also during the season he kicked his best wrestler off the team during a dual meet.  


Coach #2: Was successful at a large high school but ran afoul of weight management among other reasons and ended up resigning.  Took over years later at a similar high school and has had middle of the road successes, but is abrasive towards his own wrestlers, using a lot of 4 letter words and being fairly surly towards parents.  More than one parent of a starter supposedly considering transferring to another school because of him. 


Coach #3: Successful after years of trying but success came by bending the rules in regard to recruiting, and moved to another high school and employed the same tactics for "developing" wrestlers that won him a lot of matches at his previous stop. May or may not be under investigation by the state organization that sanctions high school sports.  

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In your scenario I would get rid of all three coaches. They all seem crappy but for different reasons -- #1 is a terrible coach, manager, or kids hate him (or all three) #2 seems out of line, no reason to routinely berate high school kids and #3 will probably get his team shut down or something.


IMO, 5 years is enough to time to prove you're fit as coach, at least at the college level. At that point you have your own recruits, time to develop them, lets see some results. However, high school is tougher. If after 5 years, the coach (who shouldn't be like #2 or #3) isn't having great results, BUT has turned the youth program around or put a moderately successful youth club into place, then I would say add another 5 years to let those kids now get to high school and see what they can do.


High school wrestling I think is just tough to coach especially in the non traditional areas as you really do need to build a tradition and get the community to value the sport enough to put their kids in it over soccer, football, basketball. 

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