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PSU vs Iowa

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My predictions



125 Lee Tech Kuhns or Pins Schnupp 5/6-0 Iowa

133 Keener Dec Flynn 5/6-3 Iowa

141 Lee Dec Happle 5/6-6

149 Zain Dec Sorenson 5/6-9 PSU

157 Kemmerer Tech Pipher 10/11-9 Iowa

165 Joseph Dec Marinelli 10/11-12 PSU

174 Hall major Gunther 10/11-16 PSU

184 Nickal Pins Bowman 10/11-22 PSU

197 Rasheed pins or Cassar Dec Wilcke 10/11-28/25 PSU

285 Stoll Dec Nevils 13/14-28/25 PSU



125 Lee puts Schnupp away early or builds a big lead in the first and slows down eventually getting the tech late in the third period over Kuhn

133 toss up. Can go either but I see Keener winning 5-3

141 Nick Lee wins by 6-7 points

149 Zain wins over a stingy Sorenson by 6-7 points

157 Kemerer tech's in the 2nd period.

165 Marinelli will keep things close but Joseph wins a solid 3-1 type match

174 Hall wins a workman like major

184 Nickal hits a big move.

197 Rasheed locks up that cradle or Cassar wins by 5

285 Toss up but for now Stoll wins something like 3-2 In a typical heavyweight match.

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"Dark places" wtf?


A reference to Ryan's bizarre, rambling "pep" speech before (I think) the PSU dual. It was discussed recently in the forum.  Tervel sounded Woody Allen-ish in his attempt at a pep speech too, pretty funny. I can't even imagine a loony tune like Tom Brands topping Ryan's weird speech.



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Big big dual her for Brands and his Hawkeyes.   I've got PSU winning handily, but a total drubbing is not out of the question.     Pep talks or not, this is talent vs great talent and a tall order no matter the passion and motivation delivered in the locker room prior to the taking the mat.    I've got it 7 bouts to 3 as the point where everyone can feel mostly  ok about their night.  But if it goes 8-2 or 9-1,  we may be looking at a mutiny developing in Iowa City when all is said and done.  Or even at 7-3, if some of those 7 get particularly lop sided, it could very well signal the writing on the wall for Brands given his diminishing return on the product he's been putting out there.   


Lets go Penn State, but lets not kill the Brands era tonight. 

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125 - Lee tech 5-0 Iowa

133 - Keener dec 5-3 Iowa

141 - Lee major 7-5 PSU

149 - Zain dec 10-5 PSU

157 - Kemmerer tech 10-10

165 - Cenzo dec 13-10 PSU

174 - Hall major 17-10

184 - Nickal pin 23-10

197 - Rasheed pin 29-10

HWT - Nevills dec 32-10

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