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I really enjoyed the Joseph era

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The move where Marinelli scored was his move. Joseph went for a desperation inside trip because he was losing position, but Marinelli initiated the situation and stepped in even before Cenzo did.

Alex baited him and Joseph took it...hook,line & sinker!

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Inside trip is used too loosely.  It isn't remotely the ONLY part of the move.  His first "inside trip" takedown was off a tight over under where he had full leverage over Marinelli.  The attempt that put him on his back was a very loose double over where Marinelli already essentially had a bear hug(hands locked firmly around the waist).  One was chain wrestled the other was beyond ill-advised.


Now, I get that his inside trip is a trademark, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't know when, and when not, to pull the trigger.

I agree.  My point was more that pretending the last sequence won't happen again but pretending the earlier sequence will certainly happen again is a colored glasses view.  Likewise pretending there is no chance of the 2nd situation because Joseph will stay away from throws and big moves is foolish.  Joseph might be a little smarter in bellying out against a body lock with a lead next time, but I imagine he'll continue to attack upper body and utilize the inside trip finish.  That's who he is and a huge part of what makes him great.  Because of that I imagine there is a small chance a similar outcome happens again.  If Joseph was to avoid all upper body ties and throw positions it would eliminate the small chance he gets thrown but it would also cut out a very important part of his offense.  My guess is at Big 10s he just wrestles like he always does and wins this time.

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