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Loyalty to Your Team

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PSU.  Started when I went to my first NLO in 92-93ish?  Went to watch Bruce Morgan who graduated from my HS and wrestled at Cornell.  It was Kolat's freshman year. We would get the PSU matches occasionally on the local radio station. (How far have we come!!) Went to Clarion to play golf in 97, but later transferred to PSU Altoona ( I do still root for Clarion as well, went to many camps there when Angle, Payne, Sintobin, Stout, Thomas were there in the early to mid 90's)

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I was an average high school wrestler - not good enough to wrestle D1.  I wanted to go to VT, and was accepted early admission, so I knew I was going there early on in my senior year.  At some point that year, VT was wrestling at George Mason and my coach took me to see the match and introduced me to Coach Cheynet from VT.  He told me something to the effect of that I could try to walk on but they were under some type of NCAA sanction at the time and did not have scholarships (not that I was good enough anyway). My memory of that is hazy so I hope that's accurate. I entertained the idea of walking on until I got to campus and discovered all of the things you can get into on a college campus that don't go along with being a student athlete.  Anyway, I graduated, moved to Richmond and lost touch with the sport for years.  Then around 2007 or 2008, VT and UVA had a dual at a local high school which I checked out and have been closely following the team since then.

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