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Match of the Week: Martin vs. Renda- Week 7 Pick 'Em

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Last Pick Em' of the 2017-2018 regular season. Congrats to Stonerd7 who won last week with 16 out of 18 points. No one picked Marinelli over Joseph in the Match of the Week. Like always, email your picks (and their method of victory) to wrestlerforlife@usawrestling.org before the first match this week. Match of the Week is worth double points.


This Weeks Matches:

TiebreakerScore of #2 Ohio State vs. #6 North Carolina State

Thursday, February 15th- Edinboro vs. West Virginia

125 # #14 Sean Russell BORO vs. #15 Zeke Moisey WVU

Thursday, February 16th- Virginia vs. Pittsburgh

133 #8 Jack Mueller UVA vs. #10 Dom Forys PITT

Saturday, February 17th- Missouri vs. Northern Iowa

141 #3 Jaydin Eierman MIZZ vs. #9 Josh Alber UNI

Sunday, February 18th- Princeton vs. Rutgers

149 #9 Matt Kolodzik PRIN vs. #11 Eleazar DeLuca RUT

Friday, February 16th- Nebraska vs. Stanford

157 #11 Tyler Berger NEB vs. #16 Paul Fox STAN

Friday, February 16th- Minnesota vs. Rider

165 #8 Nick Wanzek MINN vs. #12 Chad Walsh RID

Sunday, February 18th- Michigan vs. Central Michigan

174 #5 Myles Amine MICH vs. #12 Christian Brucki CMU

Sunday, February 18th- Ohio State vs. North Carolina State

*184 #2 Myles Martin tOSU vs. #3 Pete Renda NCST

Friday, February 16th- Cornell vs. University of North Carolina

197 #3 Ben Darmstadt COR vs. #14 Daniel Chaid UNC

Sunday, February 18th- Lehigh vs. Pittsburgh

285 #13 Jordan Wood LEH vs. UR Ryan Solomon PITT

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