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Women's national championships allows 14 wrestlers to score in 10 weights, what team would be best if they could add 4 wrestlers? Specifics?

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Interesting question... not so interesting results.  Possible extra scorers for contenders, loosely ranked...


Penn State

1. Cassar/Rasheed (whoever isn't starting)

2. Cortez (if he were healthy)

3. McCutcheon (if healthy)

4. Verkleeren


197 the only real factor here


Ohio State

1. Burcher

2. Singletary

3. Romero

4. ????


None of these guys would be a factor



1. Warner

2. Lugo

3. Murin

4. Laux


Warner potential AA... maybe Lugo, doubt it though. 


Oklahoma State

1. Fix

2. Smith

3. Gfeller

4. Geo


These guys add the most points out of any squad. 

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